Blood, sweat and tears…

OK, that might be a little dramatic, but if you want to create a great presentation, you have to make some effort. The best talks you see, the ones when the speaker looks relaxed and they talk without notes and you enjoy it – that didn’t happen by chance. The speaker spent a long time planning and practising.

If you only spend 5 minutes preparing, how good do you think you will be? I think about one hour of preparation for every one minute of presentation. Yes, that is 10 hours for a 10 minute talk!

The firststep is planning. You can use a Mind Map to put your thoughts and ideas down on paper (or online). There is no right or wrong and no linear path, but you can begin to think about the information you need to include and how it is all linked together.

How do you (or would you) plan your ideas and structure for presentations? What advice would you offer other people?

Click the walnut to see an example of a Mind Map -


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