16 thoughts on “Quite a Quick Quiz”

  1. Hi Galina

    To be honest even native speakers would find millennium difficult to spell.
    It is not a word we often need to write down. 3 correct is very respectable and I will try to set another quiz in the near future.

    By the way, what is the temperature where you are at the moment?

    1. Our temperature now is -18C and we have the Sun, but it is cold!
      It was -22C a day before yesterday, believe me it was a horror!!!
      According the weather forcast it is -26C today night and -17C is tomorrow!
      This is not a good time visit Moscow.

      I have heard that you have only +3C. I envy you!!!

      1. Hi Galina! I hope you are well and keeping warm. The temperatures in Moscow sound amazing. I thought it was cold here this morning (-7C where I live), but that does not begin to compare with Moscow. I do not envy you at all!!! Bristol was the sunniest place in the UK yesterday (8.5 hrs of sun) and we have sun again today, but it is still very cold. We are having lots of hot drinks to keep us warm.

      2. Hi Galina
        It is so hard to comprehend how cold it is in Moscow at the moment. Last night I was complaining about how cold it was in my kitchen!!!! However I think your country is better equipped for these conditions and perhaps your offices and homes are more insulated than in England. Do you drive in this weather?

      1. Hi Lara!!!
        You are right, it is warm in the office (now my colleague is wearing a T-shirt)
        and at home everywhere – in the kitchen, living rooms, barth… )))
        Actually I don’t drive, I use a tube and now I walk very quickly))) not only me, all people!

  2. Hi Galina, OMG -27!!! How do you cope with such extreme temperatures when you have to leave the warmth of your bed! I think I would just hibernate all winter long! Do you strap hot water bottles to your body so not to freeze over? I thought I might just freeze this morning when I was waiting for my bus and it was only -5. I suppose I am a bit of a wimp though :-) ! I should have chosen to live in a wamer country where it is hot and sunny all year round!

    1. Hello Marie!!!
      I would look like so strange with the bottles))) and I would arrive to work with bottles of ice! The temperature -5C for me is cold too((( I like warm, but in general you have seversl days minus and we several months.

      Teachers, can I come and live with you until spring? You live in your private houses, there are many rooms. I guarantee an order and I am friendly!!!

      I am cold here!

      1. Hello Gwenn,

        I adore sunny places and belive that tomorrow you will have the Sun too.
        This day is exception!

        Shall I come to you?

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