Don’t stand so close to me…

Marie mentioned personal space in her comment yesterday about the etiquette of kissing. This is another interesting area of cultural awareness. Please watch this HSBC video and answer the following questions -

1. If your country is mentioned, do you agree with the points made?

2. Why do some Americans have meetings standing up?

3. What is one of the rudest things you can do in Thailand?

4. What mistake does the Englishman make in the Chinese restaurant?

5. How important is personal space to you?

2 thoughts on “Don’t stand so close to me…”

  1. While I am a ‘huggy’ person, my personal space is also very important to me.

    I have recently noticed that here in Britain, many people are less than respectful of others’ personal space. They walk on your heels and have their mobile phone conversations with other people into your ear.

    It would be a shame to see the disappearance of observing a certain polite distance. Or maybe I am just grumpy…no, please don’t answer that!

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