Going viral…

I have written about presentations several times in this blog as it is an area of business that interests me. We have to see so many and such a small percentage have the impact they should.

We looked at Guy Kawazaki’s 10 – 20 – 30 rules, the deceptively clever simplicity of Garr Reynold’s Zen approach and the impact philosophy of Nancy Duarte. Also we looked at my favourite alternative to PowerPoint – the wonderful Prezi.

Today I have a video link for you that I was sent. The speakers are both Swedish and if I am being critical, the spoken delivery is slightly lacking in variety of tone for me. However, don’t get me wrong I am sharing this because I think it is brilliant and any presentation I gave in Swedish might have a few flaws!

What I love is that they tell a story and they use cutting edge technology to create a talk that people remember and tell others about. Click on the image below to watch and enjoy your weekends.

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