Fortune Favours the Brave

Courage is needed. In these challenging times courage is needed more than ever. People and businesses need to be prepared to take risks and make changes. That doesn’t mean not planning, not thinking about potential consequences. It does mean facing fears, inspiring others to do the same and moving forwards both from successes and failures.

Our students here at OISE¬†Bristol have taken the topic of ‘courage’ as their project theme this week and will be making their presentations today. Standing up in front of the school to do that takes courage. Equally, our teachers need to have courage – to push our students to achieve even more, to ensure they get the best possible outcomes from being here.

I have a reading and a listening for you today. Both are from Giant Leap Consulting. Click here for the reading РThe First Virtue of Business. Then click on the slightly clichéd image below to watch a short Popeye film.

How could you be more courageous either personally or professionally?

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