Learning to Love LinkedIn

I felt I should share with you the fact that I am increasingly impressed by LinkedIn and have found myself using it much more often. In fact, you may well be reading this post via that site if we are connected (or perhaps you are on Twitter).

Initially I joined out of a sense of duty, but as time has passed and the site has matured, I have found it ever more useful. Apart from the connections I have around the world, I also benefit from the Education Management articles on LinkedIn Today.

Now many of you are aware that I am a Guy Kawazaki fan, and you can read Guy’s suggestions from several years back as to how to use your LinkedIn account effectively by clicking on the image below. The image is a map of my connections created by the innovative LinkedIn Labs.

Are his views still relevant given the time that has passed and the way the site has developed? Is there anything you would add? Also I am interested to know your views on LinkedIn Answers - I haven’t found the occasion to use it yet – have you and was it successful?

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