Working Class Ballet

Euro 2012 has started and for football fans this means several weeks of highs (and mainly lows) culminating in the final on 01 July in Kiev.

Naturally, I wish my French colleagues the best of luck in their matches against Sweden and the Ukraine

The topic of football does tend to divide people and I understand not everyone is interested. However, millions of people are and it has enormous cultural significance for many. Personally, I am looking forward to the whole tournament – even when we go to penalties against Germany.

Click on my Fantasy League team picture below to visit the excellent and learn more about English through Football.

Which country do you want to win? Which country do you think will win?

2 thoughts on “Working Class Ballet”

  1. Why oh why does it have to be June? I mean, I know lots of people who can take a few weeks off in summer and some of my friends are now in either Ukraine or Poland (or both). So close and yet so far since I’ve got be back back to work on Wednesday.
    I’d say I want Russia to win, but I’ve got to be realistic even though I’ve only enjoyed 2 matches so far: Russia vs Czech Republic and Croatia vs Ireland. Germany or Spain would be obvious answers but I didn’t see them yet, was otherwise engaged. Ukraine’s good as well as Sweden but I don’t think they stand a chance.
    There’s one country I don’t want to win: France. And I’m not sure about Portugal. Never really liked them.

    1. I know! For all of us in the EFL industry summer is the worst possible time…
      Russia are probably the most entertaining team I have seen so far, although Croatia were pretty good as well.
      I would love to see a Germany v England final – am I allowed to dream??

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