The empires of the future will be empires of the mind

There are so many ways to learn these days and a number of these options mean using rapidly changing technology. I know this is frightening for some people and there is frequently a fear of change and a distrust of the unknown.

However, if you make the choice to embrace these new options, you may well find that it is neither as sinister nor as difficult as you might imagine. We didn’t always have telephones, fax machines, mobile phones, internet, texting, smartphones, tablets, but somehow we have survived all of these.

Take a chance, open your mind and take a look at the opportunities that abound. Don’t try to find the faults, don’t highlight the ones that fail to meet expectations, because not all developments are for the better, but they have to be tried (Betamax, Sinclair C5, Brussel sprouts, etc).

Find the ones you do like and tell everyone about them. As an example, click on the image below to read about Quipper, a free tool for making and taking quizzes.

What examples can you give of technology having a positive impact on your life?

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