Digital Influence – Who Cares?

Well I think we all should. To not embrace having an online presence could lead to the death of a company if the way people are choosing to communicate is ignored. We have always known the importance of word of mouth, but online this can spread like wildfire and you need to be part of that conversation.

Digital Influence reflects your ability to have an effect online – this may be to shape opinion, make connections or achieve desired outcomes. Businesses such as Klout and Kred can provide statistics for your own online influence (although not everyone agrees the methods are foolproof).

Sharing information and knowledge, helping others and being part of the online world may be an alien concept to many, but it reaps its own rewards (and not just financial ones).

Click on the image below to read David Armano‘s comments on the report by Altimeter‘s Principal, Brian Solis. ┬áThe report looks at the growing importance of being able to influence online, the difficulties faced when trying to measure this influence as well as a number of case studies. In particular, try to find time to read about the pillars of influence on pages 9 and 10.

What do you think? Can a business survive if it does not engage online? Can a business survive if it only engages from its own perspective?

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