If you’ve got lemons…

OK, let me be frank with you – I have struggled with Thursday as a topic.

Monday wasn’t too bad and Tuesday was acceptable (if you like Bowie). Wednesday was perhaps mildly depressing, but Friday was a little more upbeat.

I had to do Thursday, didn’t I? How could I miss it out? The trouble is that the world doesn’t seem to pay much attention to Thursdays it seems. Why is that?

I found a poem by William Blake for you to read and his comments on the injustices of the world around him. Then I found an online company that sells t-shirts that seemed relevant….

As blog posts go ( and this is my 250th of the year), this simply isn’t good enough, but it gave me a wonderful opportunity to provide you with an example of the Oxford Dictionaries UK Word of the Year.

Finally, I chose an image you could click on that would enable you to listen to a song that maintained the theme. However, it wasn’t one I knew in the way I knew the songs on the other days.

So I am sorry Thursday – I have nothing against you as a day, but I feel I have let you down. Luckily though I created an omnishambles.

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