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Was it only a year ago?

A retrospective blog post today looking at the things we were talking about on here this time last year.

My obsession with using a list to help productivity and time management became apparent, as did my Quixotic approach to paper in the office.

One of the more popular posts of the year asked what you love about your country and given the number of countries that have readers of this blog, it was perhaps not surprising this was well-read.

The Olympics dominated our TV screens while I continued to promote the use of technology, the importance of connections and even found time to discuss Sweden, the innovative Monmouth, the David Beckham question and some work on pronunciation.

This summer we have 80 Gromits to find and by clicking on the image below you can learn more about this dynamic city.


Desert Island DVD

Shipwrecked! Your solo attempt at sailing round the world comes to an untimely end when your boat hits rocks in stormy weather. With only moments before the vessel sinks beneath the waves, you spot a small island you can swim to.

Quickly you grab your solar-powered DVD player and calculate you can probably manage to take 10 DVDs with you. Which 10 films would you take?

Click below to see what some of the people at OISE Bristol would choose. You can use the links to see more information about each film.

Desert Island DVD

You can also click on the image below to see a pdf version of the document.

Desert Island DVD


Audience Participation

These days it is easy to get the opinions of others quickly and efficiently. The ability to ask a question and get responses means that feedback can be almost instant.

There are a number of ways this can be useful. For example, a company could ask customers to provide feedback on a product or service. Another might be as a voting mechanism in a debate or judging presentations.

One user-friendly method is using Poll Everywhere. Click on the image below to see a simple example. If you are in the UK and wish to answer you can respond by text. However, if you are overseas, please use the web link provided.

How easy did you find this to use? What applications can you think of for this service?


The Joy of Becks?

There was a media storm when David Beckham was left out of the Team GB football team and there are still calls for his inclusion. This was probably his last chance to play on the international stage and it would have been in his hometown of London. However, Stuart Pearce, the Team GB manager had to make that decision and I am sure it was not easy.

Is that an end to the matter or will there be a final dramatic twist?

Click on the image below to listen to David talking  before Pearce’s decision.  Remember to download the worksheet on the same page to practise your idioms and phrasal verbs.

Finally, scroll down below the photograph and give your opinion in the poll.

GSOH essential

I saw a great question on Plinky the other day -

List the top 4 things you love about your country

This made me stop and think (as the rain descended like a tap had been turned on outside).

Here are my 4 (in no particular order).  What do you think? Do any surprise you?

1. The understated, often self-deprecating sense of humour.

2.  Our music, from the Beatles & Stones, to Bolan & Bowie, the Sex Pistols & beyond.

3. Old villages in the countryside with the sense of history they provide.

4. The tolerance and celebration of quirkiness that so often leads to incredible innovations.

What are the top 4 things you love about your country?

Click on the image below to  answer on Plinky or simply comment here on the blog.

VoxPop – using social media

Is social media killing the art of conversation with people staring at their computer screen instead of going outside and meeting real fellow humans?

Or is social media allowing people to rekindle old  connections, create new networks, and enjoy even more conversations?

Answer the poll below to give your views. Have a great weekend!