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Normal service will resume shortly

This is going to be the last blog post for a while.

However, that doesn’t mean OISE Bristol is changing and you can read all about our courses for 2014 here (and 2013 if you wish to study this winter).

Also, please remember you can always contact the school if you have any questions or suggestions for future blog topics. We would love to hear from you. Plus, if you want to challenge yourself and test your English, you can try one of our quizzes.

Check back regularly to see any new developments and click on the picture below to listen to a song in English. Some see it as optimistic and others as pessimistic – doesn’t that sum people up quite well?

See you soon!


(photo credit the BBC test card)

Animal adjectives

Describing someone as having feline grace would generally be thought of as a positive comment. Feline is an adjective meaning related to or characteristic of a cat. Therefore, we are saying that person moves with the agility and poise of a cat.

Another example could be calling someone’s facial expression bovine. Now bovine is an adjective meaning related to or characteristic of a cow. I would suggest this gives a less positive mental image.

These particular adjectives are quite colourful and descriptive and although based on animals, we can often use them to describe people and their personalities or appearance.

Click on the image below to try a quick quiz and see how many you get right.

Animal adjectives


Do you have social boldness?

How comfortable are you in social situations? Does the idea of speaking in front of a group of strangers fill you with fear or excitement?

Would others describe you as a team player or a lone wolf?

I was sent a link to a website that offers a range of interesting tests (the full range can be found on our quizzes page) that cover some fascinating areas such as leadership and resilience.

One particular area we work on with our students is that of interpersonal skills. These are people skills, including the ability to communicate effectively, work well with others, persuade, negotiate and make decisions.

The tests were created as a collaborative project between some  UK universities and occupational psychologists and they are straightforward to use, providing immediate feedback.

Enough chat! Click on the image below to see how you fare in the interpersonal skills test.

Social Boldness

A cornucopia of collectives

What do you call a group of sheep? Is it a flock or a herd? What about a group of lions or perhaps a number of wolves?

We have some wonderful collective nouns & test your English by trying this short quiz.

Once you are done you can read a short article on the topic here and remember these are all genuine.

Click on the image below to listen to a flock of seagulls…

Collective nouns

Was it only a year ago?

A retrospective blog post today looking at the things we were talking about on here this time last year.

My obsession with using a list to help productivity and time management became apparent, as did my Quixotic approach to paper in the office.

One of the more popular posts of the year asked what you love about your country and given the number of countries that have readers of this blog, it was perhaps not surprising this was well-read.

The Olympics dominated our TV screens while I continued to promote the use of technology, the importance of connections and even found time to discuss Sweden, the innovative Monmouth, the David Beckham question and some work on pronunciation.

This summer we have 80 Gromits to find and by clicking on the image below you can learn more about this dynamic city.


40 winks

Do you sleep the ‘sleep of the just’?

Try our quiz about sleep vocabulary to test your English by clicking here and see how you get on. What was your score?

If you are finding it difficult to get to sleep, what do you do? What suggestions can you offer other readers?

Please click here to read an interesting article about getting a good night’s sleep – do you agree with the tips or are there any you feel would not work for you?

Finally, click on the image below to listen to a sleep related song.

40 winks

Where on earth?

What a great idea to make a geography lesson more engaging – teamwork, using clues, making deductions, beating the clock and escaping from your captors – exciting stuff.

There are a number of versions online, but by clicking on the image below you can see one for yourself (and even create your own pursued quizzes). Choose from US cities and state capitals, European capitals, Latin cities, plus ports, landmarks and several others.

Try it now and see if you can escape…