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Prezi is Magyar Magic

Sometimes it is best to keep things short and simple. Originating in Hungary, ┬áPrezi can do just that (but beautifully) and if you haven’t tried it as a way to create great online presentations, I urge you to do so.

Click on the image below to see a quick example. Do you use any other presentation tools that you would recommend?

Classroom Creativity

Click the picture to watch Lee’s prezi about the student blog. With her team she managed to use a range of technology including Prezi, camcorders, Youtube and then of course the PC and projector.

Naturally you cannot hear the entire presentation as that was given live in the school, but I still think it shows some excellent creativity.

How often do you use video in your presentations?

Z is for Zebra

In this case the Transformation Zebra and my personal recommendation for creating memorable presentations – Prezi.

The beauty of Prezi is that it is a blank canvas and unlike PowerPoint you don’t need to follow a linear or chronological order in your talk. This can be an advantage when you want to look at the bigger picture or focus on a tiny detail.

See for yourself – click on the zebra and watch the short video.