We offer a range of courses so please contact us to discuss your particular objectives.

For an overview, click on these links below.

English for Personal Development:

Octorials OISE Bristol 2014 – group lessons

Tutorials OISE Bristol 2014 – individual lessons

English for Academic Purposes:

Abitur Preparation OISE Bristol 2014

CAE Preparation OISE Bristol 2014

FCE Preparation OISE Bristol 2014

IELTS Preparation OISE Bristol 2014

Prépa Octorials 2014

Prépa Anglais + Maths 2014

Why not watch our Prépa: Bristol video?

TOLES Preparation OISE Bristol 2014 (click here for TOLES Brochure)

English for Professional Purposes:

English for Aviation OISE Bristol 2014

English for Engineering OISE Bristol 2014

English for Maritime OISE Bristol 2014

English for Nurses OISE Bristol 2014

If you have any questions, please use this contact form.

15 thoughts on “Courses”

  1. hello ..
    I’m coming summer with my brother to learn the English language
    From the date of June 11, 2012 to July 20, 2012

  2. * sorry , saeed is name my big brother ^^

    I am Abdulelah , I am from Saudi Arabia I am coming in the summer with my brother to learn the English language
    My name is my brother Alwaleed
    From the date of June 11, 2012 to July 20, 2012
    I came to England alone last summer , without my brother
    I want to know the amount with housing or without housing
    * Is there a special accommodation to students or have to live with family ?

  3. Hola. Llevo unos días en Bristol y estoy interesada en apuntarme en alguna academia, pero que nos sea curso intensivo. Me podrias informar de precios y horarios. Gracias!!

  4. Hi
    i want to ask about IELTS if there is any course about it in your school and I want to ask about prise of it for 6 to 7 weeks
    thank you

  5. Hi!

    My name is Dani and I’m interested in coming to Bristol since the middle of october. I’d like to study and english course because I want to improve my english. Could you give me information about the courses and fees that you offer? I’d start maybe in november.
    Thank you!


      1. Hi Jon

        Thank you for you message and information. Well, I’ve studied tourism in my city, Lleida, situated 150 km from Barcelona, and it’d be for work, yes, because I think it’s so difficult to have a correct spoken english if you don’t live in an English country for a period of time.



        1. Hi Dani

          OK have a great weekend and then we can sort out next week if you have any further questions. If you simply want to go ahead and book, please just confirm the dates you wish to study. Just send an email to and at the same time let me know if you want host family accommodation. Finally, please provide your date of birth.

          Please ask if you need anything else and I hope we see you soon in Bristol.



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