Policies & Links

By clicking on the links below you can access further information including an enrolment form, details of any current vacancies, our core policies and other useful links. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Unless stated otherwise all policies and documents are reviewed annually.

Documents in bold type must be read by students under 18 and their parents or guardians.


Enrolment form

Letter of Consent to Travel for under 18s

Terms and Conditions

Core Policies

Admissions Policy

Anti-Bullying Policy

Attendance Policy

Child Protection Officer

Child Protection Policy

Code of Conduct for students under 18

Complaints Policy

Complaints Policy for students under 18

Disciplinary Policy

Exclusion Policy

Fire Safety Policy

Health and Safety Policy

Homework Policy

Police Registration Policy

Recruitment Of Ex-Offenders Policy

Safeguarding Policy

Substitution Policy for absent teachers

Supervision of Juniors Policy

Visa Policy General Student Visitor Information

Visa Policy Student Visitor Information

Further information


British Council Publishable Statement

OISE Brochure 2014

Educational Purpose

Enrolment form

Exam Information

ISI PfE Report OISE Bristol (2012)

ISI PfE Report OISE Bristol 2013

Placement Procedures

OISE Bristol Organogram 2013

Terms and Conditions

Welfare and Pastoral Care


Assessing Your Work and Progress

Blog Posts January to June 2012


Information for parents and guardians

Online courses (external link)

Safety Guidelines

School Map

Special Learning Needs


Welfare and Pastoral Care

Your Feedback

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